Freelance Peacekeeping

Relented and let the minion out of the stockade - gave it some work to do, yes?

King of the Road Deck Challenge


Today, we'll build a deck for the latest Turbo Revving Old Punks Tech Challenge. Let's start by reviewing the rules.

The deck must contain at least one of either The Ark's Sunstreaker, Arrogant Daredevil, or Team Bayformers' Savage Wheelie, Rhymer Climber. It also must contain at least one of either Team Bayformers' Razor Wings or The Ark's Dare to Believe. Let's review these cards.

Sunstreaker is a solid eight-star, he's designed for aggressive flipping. Flip to bot mode and you fetch a weapon from your scrap, flip back to alt mode and you can tap another Autobot to untap this. Battle Patrol anyone? Sunstreaker also looks like he would like Razor Wings, a Melee version of Armed Hovercraft that Sunstreaker or his Melee buddies could use to ping the enemy.

That's not the direction we're going to go today however. We're going to turn the tiny Wheelie into a Titan amongst droids. Incidentally, if you've not read his TFWiki page, it is a work of art.

Iconic Wheelie goes native as a Jedi

Savage Wheelie is a six-star bot with a damage changing attitude. In line with his theme, he starts by putting an Energon Slingshot in your hand, akin, for example, to Wave 3's Wheeljack getting a Brainstorm. More importantly for our deck, in alt-mode Wheelie protects itself by decreasing attacks by the amount of orange you flip, and in bot-mode it punishes those it attacks by decreasing their defense for each blue you flip.

This bot-mode is what we're going to build our deck around. By combining Savage Wheelie with Raider Aimless, we're going to turn that bot-mode attack up to thirteen (or more). In our ideal, he'll get 4 for his attack, 3 for Aimless' weapon mode, remove 3 defense, and do 3 damage. Plus whatever oranges we flip.

This combo wants a lot of [Orange][Blue] cards like Matrix of Leadership and Roll Out!. That's just six cards, but we also have Master of Metallikato, which gives Wheelie defense and Aimless pierce, and Allied Crossplay gives us another one, Dare to Believe. It hsa an orange Car-icon and a blue Truck-icon and...OMG!!! it's one of our Challenge options! Serendipity.

Let's keep our deck build iconic for now; we'll add in the classic double pippers, Handheld Blaster and Improvised Shield. We won't add Peace Through Tyranny and Security Checkpoint, both are cards that can decide a game and tend to be banned in Modern gameplay. Allied give us two replacements, in Take The Shot and Lie In Wait, so we'll add these.

Lastly, with Aimless in the deck, we'll include a couple of Quartermaster cards; either to move him or bring him back from the KO area; and we'll add Supercharge to increase our Titan Wheelie chances.

Who can help out plucky Wheelie?

That's our Wheelie engine. But we still have 12 stars left to spend on our team. One option is to go four wide with other threats, for example we could send our a Fangry/Kreb and Brawn combo, each of them are strong in both attack and defence and your opponent will want each one KO'd first. That's not very in theme though, we want something a little more in touch with our deck.

We're going to include the 12-star Rodimus Prime, Worthy Leader from The Ark. A flip to alt-mode lets you fetch a Matrix of Leadership from your scrap, and in bot-mode he gets stronger with that Matrix applied. Seventeen health will go a long way, and his Car/Truck traits in alt-mode love that Dare to Believe.

This leaves us needing to complete out our deck. We have space for eleven more cards, and we want to add to our total of only 2 whites. We'll start by adding a roster of white-icon'd nuisances - Hold the Line, Espionage, Force Field, and Impetuous Stand (an Upgrade scrapper from the Turbo Revvin Old Punks themselves). Then because we're Weapons shy, we'll add in Grenade Launcher and Energon Axe, the two iconic Classic weapons.

We attack first with Aimless, flipping Rodimus. Then Wheelie, flipping Rodimus again if Aimless has found a Matrix for us already. Lastly we flip Rodimus back and seek to strengthen him with the Matrix.

On the second wheel, we send Aimless in again, hoping for him to be KO'd. This is an ideal time to play an Energon Axe as an Aimless with an Axe can be quite the terror on his own. If Aimless is KO'd, then Wheelie is primed to flip to bot nad go in hard. Finally we see the game out with Rodimus, potentially with a Quartermaster'd Aimless.

Just like Wheelie, the TFTCG survives, it's just different now

Please check out the Titan Wheelie deck on Thank you for reading my words - keep playing TFTCG, this game has better things to do tonight than die!