Grapple's Flippin' Pippalizer

"I don't always plan my attacks, but when I do, I always use Grapple's Frippling Pippalizer.... erm, Pappling Flappalizer.... gah, This Page!! (These endorsements pay, yes?)"

  • Deck Here you add pip sets to your deck. You select the colours of pips and then enter the number of cards in the Static section, or use the Varying section to create a range for that pip set. When you hit Add, they'll appear in the Chosen Deck section. Be careful with Varying to plan your ranges so your total deck size is as you intend it to be (usually 40).
    • Generate Battle Icons
      The Pip Pattern is an Experts feature. Rather than building the deck, you can enter it in one go. For example, "W6 G4 OB15 UB15" would be a deck with 6 white, 4 green, 15 orange-black, and 15 blue-black pipped cards. An example range is "U3:15:2" to indicate varying the blue-pip count from 3, to 15, in steps of 2. X is recommended for no-pip cads.
      Pip Pattern
  • Chosen Deck As you add static or varying pip sets to your deck, they appear here.
  • Query You can set the number of times to test (10000 or 100000 are recommended), how many cards to flip, and pick from various standard queries. You can also write your own query.

    See the manual for more details on PIPQL.

  • Your results appear here. You will get multiple rows if you used a varying range in one of your pipsets. Results