Freelance Peacekeeping

Reverse Engineering the Design Book


One assumes that the WotC Design team had a long series of internal rules they used when designing. Themes for traits, algorithms for attack/health/defense, things they won't do. We need to build that. The following are some ideas towards that.

Battle Icon Color Rules
  1. Outside of reprints; Only star cards get [OO], [UU], [OU], [BBB], and any triple battle icon card with [W]
  2. No quadruplet battle icon cards
  3. No [W][O] or [W][U] battle icon cards
  4. No [G][G] or [W][W]
  5. Battle Icon sort order is WOBUG
  6. A blue/black battle card is often a slightly weaker version of a blue battle card. It might be the same strength, but have an opposite-value effect on the target. For example, Scouting Mission does a damage to draw 2 cards, compared to various blue battle icon'd do 1 damage cards. The same is true for orange/black.
Trait Themes
  1. Cars typically have 'flip to' effects for alt-mode (18/45 Cars who are 6+ stars). They are about flipping and untapping.
  2. Planes are about moving damage. They have low defense.
  3. Dinobots are about Bold. Their alt-mode 'flip to' effects often help other Dinobots.
  4. Tanks have high defense (2-3).
  5. Leaders are Leaders in all modes. "Chromia, Special Ops"" is the exception, but that seems like an error.
  6. Motorcycles have the same attack in both modes. 3/4 have "flip to' effects for alt-mode. They have low star costs.
  7. 4 out of 5 Boats are Specialists.
  8. Helicopters (Whirl/Alpha Bravo) defend well against Ranged/Planes.
  9. Trucks are jack of all trades. They sometimes start with cards (Ratchet/Trailbreaker/Ultra Magnus), they are sometimes Upgrade focused (Gears, Outback, Primes, Capt Ironhide, Sgt Kup)
Upgrade Themes
  1. Weapons typically have from 0 to +4 attack. A +4 attack weapon is typically not repeatable (i.e. scraps)
  2. Armors typically have from 0 to +3 defense. A +3 defense armor is typically not repeatable (i.e. scraps)
  3. White/Green upgrades are most often Utilities.
Action Themes
  1. Many Actions are also found repeated as Character's abilities.
  1. Average stats per star per wave
  2. Most attacks are typically +1 more in bot mode than alt mode; Tanks especially so.
  1. In text, a character card of “Name - Title” is referred to as “Name, Title”.
  2. Character titles are left justified. The name in Ancient Autobot is right aligned in the banner background.
  3. Star counts use 1-star, 5-star, and 10-star denominations.
Star Costs
  1. Do not reduce the star cost of a card, instead increase the size of the star pool (i.e. from 25 to something higher). Blaster and Soundwave are good examples.