Freelance Peacekeeping

Rolling Turbo Adaptive for W3/W4


Previously we discussed a tweak to the Turbo format (Rolling Adaptive). This worked well with Waves 1 and 2, but with Waves 3 and 4 the format of a booster pack changes.

For these Waves, the following modifications are recommended:

Modifications to the Matches

  1. It is generally advised to use both W3 and W4 packs instead of just packs from one of these waves.
  2. Initially open a pack of each.
  3. On opening the turbo packs, you will have two Large character cards and two Small character cards. Choose one Large and one Small for your first team. Play an adaptive game as normal. Subsequently, use the other two cards to play another game.

Modifications to the Rolling

Alternate between W3 and W4 booster pack openings (written as Wn below). Then apply the following:

  1. Remove the Wn characters from your deck.
  2. Open one Wn pack.
  3. Remove 3C/2U/1R battle cards of your choice (regardless of Wave) from your deck.
  4. If this is the second Wn pack opened, keep one of the removed battle card of your choice.

Keeping a couple of early battle cards in puts the deck at 14 rather than 12 cards. A 12 card deck is not fun.

Having to remove the characters from the deck means you only play with a character twice. It stops a good character being used for the entire series. This rule means that over-powered characters due to deck-shuffles no longer need a special don't reuse rule.